Translating handlebars templates

Hi folks,

I’m currently attempting to translate some Handlebars templates, such as this one:

This is basically just HTML, but with a few {{ }} tags here and there. If transifex ignored all the {{ }} and left them in place, there would be no issue. However, some (and only some) of the {{ }} tags show up as translation units, and sometimes even get reordered with newly inserted

tags, messing up the formatting.

Does anyone have a tip on how I can get transifex to ignore specific bits of HTML templates? Or some other way to solve this? I’d really like to avoid a postprocessing step for translated files.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Valodim

There is one option to use in order to accommodate the {{/ layout }} string.

  1. Before pushing the files to Transifex, remove this text from the beginning and the end of the file. When the translations are done, pull and add them back.This requires some post and pre-processing ,which I know you were trying to avoid.

Please let me know if this answers your question.