Tx ERROR: Resource foreman.hammer-cli-katello doesn't exist on the server


We are updating our translations and getting an error when running the command tx pull --minimum-perc 50 --all

It comes back with tx ERROR: Resource foreman.hammer-cli-katello doesn't exist on the server. but it is registered here Foreman | Resources (transifex.com)

How do you get past this error?

Hello Tom Nook!

It seems like the CLI is looking for a resource which slug is “foreman.hammer-cli-katello”, but the slug of the resource you shared in the link is “hammer-cli-katello”.

Could you please review the content of your .tx/config file; the filter that is pointing to this resource should be something like the following:

minimum_perc = SOMETHING
resource_name = hammer-cli-katello

Let me know if you see something different;


Sandy :slight_smile:

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Hi @Sandy_DLR Sorry for the delay. Here is the config

host = https://app.transifex.com

file_filter = locale//hammer-cli-katello.edit.po
source_file = locale/hammer-cli-katello.pot
source_lang = en
type = PO
minimum_perc = 0
resource_name = hammer-cli-katello

That got past the resource not found, but when I do tx push I get
foreman.hammer-cli-katello - Error while fetching stats, 404, not_found: No Project resource found with the identifier o:foreman:p:foreman


Thank you for sharing the config file with me. To understand the situation better, now the issue is when you do a push, right?

In the config file, you have an error in your file_filter attribute. You need to place the wild card in this path so the translations will be separated by the language code:

  • Instead of having:
    file_filter = locale//hammer-cli-katello.edit.po

  • You need to have something like the below examples:

  1. To separate the translations in folders named like the language code of the translation:
    file_filter = locale/<lang>/hammer-cli-katello.edit.po

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 14.41.37

  1. To separate the translations, add the language code on the file name:
    file_filter = locale/<lang>-hammer-cli-katello.edit.po

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 14.43.25

Let me know if, after this change, the issue is solved.