What is <TX_DOT> and why is it added to my resource string key?

I’m using the [File Upload] API to upload a new translation file. My yaml file has keys with . delimiters. When uploaded to the project/resource, Transifex has changed the . to <TX_DOT>. This change remains when pulling the translated data down later. This is a new behavior as far as I can tell. Do I need to just replace that character on my side or is this a mistake I’m making?


Thanks for reaching out to Transifex support.

Yes!, This is expected, and this is why. Let’s say you have the following structure in the YAML file :




meta-preheader: Hey There!

Our logic is to separate each key level with “.” so with the above, you will get the following key: “web-forms.design-elements.meta-preheader”, Now let’s say you decide to use a dot instead of a dash; the result will be something like this: “web-forms.design-elements.meta<TX_DOT>preheader”

We understand this is not expected by you and we apologize for the inconvenience, but we needed to implement a way to preserve our logic, so, I’m afraid you must implement a way to change the key or to map this values on a little script outside Transifex.

Let me know if you have any further questions, once again, I. apologize for the inconvenience

Cesar Alberto Garcia Vazquez | Customer Success Engineer

Ok. So it seems i need to change the uploads that i’m using to break on the dot and send a nested object instead of compound keys.


Yes, You could split your key and avoid having dots in it, the output will be something like this:



preheader: Hey There!

String = Hey There!

Key = en.meta.preheader

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards