Who is using Slack and would love to have it integrated with Transifex?

We would love to hear from you if your company would benefit from it :slight_smile:

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+1 here. We surely could make good use of that integration. Not sure which use case / integration you have in mind, … but one which comes to mind right away as being really helpful, is, if comments from translators on string translations could be “funneled” into a specific Slack channel along with the actual source string and that responses in the channel would be automatically added back to that comment thread on that particular strings. This would be VERY helpful to answer translator questions more timely - mainly because it would be easily possible for people to subscribe to the Slack channel and respond. Background: many questions are around the context of a source string and the people who can answer / provide insight, do often not even have a TF account as they’re in different departments. It would eliminate the need of a “middleman” who does nothing else then funneling this questions today to the right people, get answer and reply back - using email - which is slow, as nowadays many folks are always on Slack but check their emails maybe twice a day …


Thanks, @migo!
That’s great feedback! :slight_smile:

We would love to hear more feedback like that!

@migo thank you for the helpful input.

So is Slack considered a tool where the whole company works on?

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Yes. Absolutely. It is THE comms channel inside the company. And I’m sure we’re by far not the only company where this is the case.

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Thanks for following up on this! That’s how we use Slack too, yet a confirmation is always priceless :slight_smile:

Since this is something really worth exploring it’s nice to know what value is expected.

Hoping this thread stays active for some time.

Hi @migo, just letting you know that we’ve just released a Slack integration.
At this point you can get notifications on issues created/resolved but will definitely consider expanding to comments on a later update.

We’re done with orwellian, your-data-is-our-product stuff like Slack.
Our group is getting ready to move to Matrix (Matrix.org)
Still evaluating it, but we definitely don’t see centralized things like Slack in our future.