Workflow using the tx cli and multiple builds

We have multiple developers working on many different git feature branches.

I have setup our Bamboo CI Builds to PUSH the source file and PULL and new Transifex target translations during a build. However I am concerned this will be problematic and lead to problems.

Consider this.

Developer A starts a new feature branch, he creates a new UI screen with 20 different labels in English in the yaml file. He pushes his code up to this branch which kicks off a Bamboo build. This causes the new fields to be sent to Transifex and hopefully Translators will be notified and start working on the translations to target languages.

Developer B starts a new feature branch, he is only making backend changes and does not touch any source translation files. He pushes up his code which kicks off a CI build on his remote branch, this causes the source English file to be sent to Transifex - I assume this will overwrite the new labels which were added by Developer A. So would all that work by the translator be lost?

This gets even more complicated as things get merged to a QA branch and eventually a release branch.

Is there a way to control this, I saw the Transifex branches capability but its not clear how a Translator would deal with potentially dozens of branches.