August Announcement: Explore what's new in Transifex!

We are excited to announce that we have created a new page in our docs, What’s New, where you can follow all Transifex product updates about new features and bug fixes!

These are the updates we released in July 2018:

#1. Suggestions are now clickable!

The suggestion tab will contain now a link to the string containing the original translation.


#2. There is a new shortcut in the editor to use the best suggestion!


#3. Translation checks now support more than 1 custom placeholder!

#4. Spaces are now displayed in different areas!

  • The left part of the editor that contains the source and the translation strings:


  • The suggestions Tab in the editor:


  • The history tab in the editor:


  • The glossary tab in the editor (source and translation terms):


  • Concordance search (source and translation):


#5. Users now have the option to specify if their profile page will be publicly visible or not!

As always, you can send your extremely valuable feedback via our feedback form here or contact me directly.