Best practises on setting custom placeholders (protecting *only* your custom text)

Adding custom placeholders from the respecting modal in translation checks page can be a breeze. You can check how this is done in our docs section for Setting Translation Checks.

Since this tool gives tons of flexibility it is fairly easy to go overboard, so here are some tips about setting proper placeholders to protect exactly what you need.

Any placeholder set you add in the respecting field is checked via regular expression matches, so the more specific you are the better!

A typical example is when you have multiple variable formats that you want to protect and those are sharing some similar characters. In that case it’s a good practise to include all characters that define the start and end of the placeholder than choosing less characters.

For example, to protect both variables {{%<protected_text>s}} and %<protected_text>s you could define placeholder sets:

  • {{}}
  • %s
    But it will be better to define:
  • {{%s}}
  • %s

Will be adding more cases in here as we identify them. Please do share your experience using custom placeholders and how you managed your cases.

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