Unexpected behavior in custom placeholder

My translation project’s source is a Sphinx documentation (written in ReStructuredText). ReStructuredText’s syntax for literal text is to wrap the text in double-backticks, like ``text``.

I set a custom placeholder to include everything that starts and ends with double-backticks, including leading and trailing whitespace inside, to make these literal text placeholders.

When I set a custom placeholder, most of the time it works just as expected. However I am having two problematic scenarios:

  • Dollar sign ($) inside a placeholder gets replaced with {TX-PL-LABEL} and HTMLizing the next character. So, for instance a text ``$`` gets replaced with ``{TX-PL-LABEL}#x60;\ (the backtick was replaced with #60;) and '$' results in '{TX-PL-LABEL}#x27; `
  • A placeholder starting with dash (typically command-line flags, -f, --force, etc.) will NOT include the content inside the literal text, and instead it will start the custom placeholder including all text outside the literal syntax until it founds another literal syntax. It basically inverts what should be and what should not be the custom placeholder.

The custom placeholder was set more than a year ago, and these issues presented themselves somewhat recently, hence I’m assuming there was a change in Transifex side that introduced this bug.

Removing the custom placeholder, obviously solve this. I haven’t been able to find a acceptable solution to work around the above issues.

How can I have ``text`` be considered placeholder without stumbling upon the dollar sign and leading dash issues ?

Hello ,
Apologies on this inconvenience . I understand it complicates things for you.
We have checked the case mentioned. Unfortunately it seems to be an issue with our UI that affects the specific place holder. We are opening a ticket for our devs to look into this based on priority.

We do not have an exact time frame for resolution at the moment.
Let us know if we can do anything else for you.

Kind regards