Can't update transifex profile

My profile seems unchangeable.
My avatar’s photo si broken, and I can’t update my personal information as well. Is it an issue of mine only?

Hello @cmpfrc,

Thank you for submitting your request. Do you mean that you cannot click on User settings to change the information you said?

According to the Short Bio, there is a limit to 140 characters. The information I can see there is more than 140 characters. Could you please verify if this is the root cause?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

You’re right. Seems the short bio blocks every kind of updating.
I don’t understand why the system saved my bio like that if it should have been limited to 140 characters.

Nevermind. Do you know why gravatar images are broken from months?
Thanks a lot for assisting me.

Hello @cmpfrc,

Have you added any new pictures under the service of ?
I checked my account, and even if I didn’t have any gravatar, now I added one and it works fine for me. Can you please confirm that?

Thank you in advance.

Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:
Mine is an old profile, I never updated info and photos after its creation.
Anyway, I just tried to change photo, and then the e-mail plus his linked image but after 2-3 hours nothing has changed. I tried to clear the website cache also. Profile picture still broken.

If you need some further actions from me, simply let me know! Thanks a lot!


It appears that this requires a more detailed investigation which will be conducted by my development team. Please keep in mind that such investigations may take some time, so I thank you for your patience in advance. I will let you know once I have an update. Thank you for making us aware of this.

Kind Regards,

Dear anthonydim,
thanks a lot for your interest!

During our testing We changed our avatar’s several times and each time the change took effect in Transifex. In one instance though it took a couple of days. I also tested the gravatar with other applications such as Jira. The changes in Transifex took the same amount of time as the changes in the other applications. The message in gravatar that we received was "
Please allow 5 to 10 minutes for avatar changes to take effect
(Have you cleared your cache?)
". This leads me to believe that the issue may reside in gravatar itself, since you stated that you cleared your cache. I would recommend that you try to contact Gravatar in order to see if there is something wrong with your account there. I would also remove the new picture from Gravatar and add it again.

Please let me know if this helps.

Dear anthonydim,
After my lastest checkings I think is somehow a problem of my pc. Infact, on a new profile of a friend of mine, I see his default profile picture broken as well.
Lastly, I logged in Transifex on a smartphone and my photo showed up.

Sorry for these troubles.
Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

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thanks :slightly_smiling_face: