Docs related to "Your translators can translate resource strings "

Just found a “new” option in resource settings.

AFAIU the current settings allows only to “lock” a complete resource, or?

Is there a way to block translations for a specific language of a resource.

Cheers and a good slide.

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Hello @rakekniven,

Thank you for sharing your question, in our community.

According to your question, the answer is yes, you can prevent certain strings of a resource to be translated. More information you can find under our documentation page here:
Please let me know if you have further inquiries on this.

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Hello @Panagiotis_Kavrakis,

thank you for your answer and sorry for not being precise enough.

I want to block a complete resource for a single language.

I don’t want to block a resource for all project language and a don’t want to block single strings.

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Hello @rakekniven,

Thank you for your reply.
According to this need, you can use the tag “locked_lang_code” which can be applied to all strings of a single resource. You can find this tag under the same link I mentioned before.

Please let me know if that answers your question.

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