Organization administrator cannot edit resource settings

I am trying to lock all translation resources while I deal with an integration issue. According to Preventing Translation Edits | Transifex Help Center I should be able to do this from the resources page by selecting all resources, clicking the three-dot menu, and selecting Settings.

However, Settings does not appear for me in the menu, even though I am an organization administrator.

Hi @WatchTheFort :wave: This is Ryan from the Customer Success team. The setting you are referring to is only available on a (single) resource level; it cannot be set across all resources with 1 click.

In order to achieve what you’re looking to do, the easiest thing would be to go into the Editor for that project, select the All Resources view, then Bulk select all strings using the checkbox next to the Filters and add the “locked” tag to every string.

Please let me know if further clarification is needed.

Customer Success Team

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