Retain Source Language Editing with Locked Strings!

Have you ever found yourself unable to adjust the source language after locking a string?

Previously, when you used the ‘locked’ tag to secure translations for a string, you may have faced a slight inconvenience: the system wouldn’t allow you to edit the source language or address issues you identified using the editor. We’ve listened to your feedback and are thrilled to announce that this obstacle is now a thing of the past.

With our latest release, we’ve taken decisive action to ensure that you retain the flexibility to edit the source language online when you lock a string. That’s right – no more barriers preventing you from enhancing the quality of your source content!

From now on, updating the source text of locked strings is simple. Switch to the source editor, make your changes, and submit the updated version by clicking the button “Save and Keep Translations”. All existing translations will remain unchanged, preserving their final status.

If you need to remove existing translations for any reason, simply remove the locked tag before submitting the new source updates. This will enable translation editing again, allowing you to make necessary translation changes after submitting the new source updates using the “Save Changes” button instead.

So lock those strings with confidence, knowing you can still fine-tune the source language whenever necessary.