Transifex Javascript CLI and Do Not Keep Translations Option

We use the Transifex Native CLI tool for pushing strings to Transifex.

I recently noticed that there’s now a do-not-keep-translations flag that can be passed where its described as “remove translations when source strings change”.

Can anyone provide a little bit more detail around what this means?

Hello @aarr0n

Thank you for reaching out!
This flag can set the behavior of your translations in case you update your source strings.
Lets say you upload a source string “Helo” and the translator understands that has a typo so he will translate it as “Hello”. Then you come and notice that your string has a typo and update it to “Hello” , now up to this point if you don’t use the flag the translation will be kept and this is fine but lets say that you made a mistake and instead of “Helo” the source string should be “Bye”, if the translations are kept then this would be wrong.

I hope I explained myself, if not, please let me know
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Hey @Cesar_Garcia!

Thanks for your reply. I may not be understanding correctly but here’s how I interpret the steps you mentioned:

  • In code string is pushed to Transifex as “Helo”
  • Translator updates source string in Transifex to “Hello”
  • In code string is changed to “Bye” and pushed to Transifex

Regardless of if the do-not-keep-translations flag is used, wont this result in another string being created in Transifex with the original string also kept? As in, we would have both “Hello” and “Bye” strings in Transifex?


Let me clarify the following:

  • Translator updates source string in Transifex to “Hello” (X)

Translators won’t modify source as they role is to only work on Translations.

Said that, Let me try to go over the scenario:

  1. Source string is uplodaded to Transifex (string: HELO)
  2. Lets say you are translating into Spanish, the translator goes to editor and enters the translation (HOLA) He catched that there was a typo in the source so he translated as if it was “HELLO” but DID NOT MODIFY THE SOURCE.
  3. The translator decides to inform you that there is a TYPO on HELO, You decide to update the source string when a translation is already in place, this is where the flag kicks in, What would you like to do with the translation after you update source ?? Keep it or Remove it?

Let me know if the above helps
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Thanks, I understand now.

What are the benefits of not keep the translation?

Let say that the error in your source text is not a “typo” instead is a missing word like the following example:

Error String: “I will work today”
Translation es: “Yo trabajaré hoy”
String after fixing the error : “I will NOT work today”
As you can see adding the word “NOT” will give a whole different meaning to the string, if we keep the translations in placed then the error will not be fixed and this error will be published in your website, documents, etc.

Let me know If the above helps :slight_smile: