Exciting Update: Introducing Transifex AI Fillup! 🚀

We’re thrilled to announce a game-changing enhancement to our platform: Transifex AI Fillup at a project level. This feature empowers you to automate translation processes directly within your projects, saving time, reducing manual tasks, and maintaining consistency in terms of terminology, tone, and brand voice, ensuring high-quality translations.

Here’s what you need to know

:sparkles: Enable AI & MT Fillup: Under your project settings, navigate to the workflow tab, where you’ll find the option to enable AI & MT fillup. Choose from three options:

  • AI Fillup: Harness the power of AI translation exclusively, with the ability to exclude languages as needed.
  • Machine Translation Fillup: Opt for machine translation only, with the flexibility to exclude specific languages from the fillup process.
  • Hybrid Fillup (per language): Tailor your approach by selecting the service (MT or AI) on a language level, with the freedom to exclude languages from the fillup process.


  • Speed through automation: AI automatically translates new content as it’s added, drastically reducing translation times from days to minutes.
  • Cost efficiency: Pay only for post-editing; reduce expenses compared to the cost of a full translation service.
  • Consistency and quality: AI respects and maintains your glossary terms, tone, and brand voice across all content.
  • Flexibility at a project level: Choose AI, MT, or both on a language-per-language basis, with the option to exclude certain languages to optimize resources.

Transifex AI offers some of the most advanced localization features on the market with AI Fillups that help you transform your content management strategy to be truly global, instant, and efficient. Enable AI Fillups on your project today and experience localization as it should be.