Github integration: 100% translated language not pushed to Github


Here is my project and Github repo, with the related yaml configuration:

  - filter_type: file
    # all supported i18n types:
    file_format: PO
    source_language: en
    source_file: usr/share/oma-welcome/om-welcome.pot
    # path expression to translation files, must contain <lang> placeholder
    translation_files_expression: po/<lang>.po
    en: en_US
    fr: fr_FR
    it: it_IT

Yesterday evening someone translated the serbian language fully (100%), but sr.po was not pushed to Github. I don’t know how to troubleshoot or how long I have to wait for next sync. I tried to create again the Tx/github link but it was not pushed neither.

What did I do wrong?


The translation_files_expression needs to be encapsulated in single quotes.

By making this or any change in the YAML config file you will trigger a sync. As an added step you may consider removing a single translation, save and then put it back in, in order to trigger the sync.

Please let us know if this solves the issue.

Kind Regards,

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Thank you @anthonydim indeed it works, with the quotes. I also had to suppress a string, translate it again, to trigger the push.

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We are also facing problems with github integration for an Android project. The translations are being updated in transifex as expected, but once a language is 100% it is not pushed to github. We think it has to be something in the yaml configuration:

 - filter_type: file
   source_file: app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml
   file_format: ANDROID
   source_language: en
   translation_files_expression: 'app/src/main/res/values-<lang>/strings.xml'

We tried other configurations as well, but same result. Is there anything we are missing?
Thank you!

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Hi @Balcan,

Can you please share your project URL so as to investigate this further?

If it is a private project, then please reach out to us at so that we can take a better look at it.


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