Integration with GH: 100% translated language is not being pushed to Github

I have several languages now marked as reviewed at 100%, but aren’t is not pushed to my GH repo,
What did I do wrong? How can get pull requests upon 100% reviewed lang?

This is my yaml

  - filter_type: file
    file_format: KEYVALUEJSON
    source_language: en
    source_file: app/locales/en/common.json
    translation_files_expression: 'app/locales/<lang>/common.json'

My project is Vesper app (auto) localization

Thanks in advance


I took a look at your project, and I agree that everything seems to be configured correctly. So, I’m not sure why the sync didn’t happen automagically :slight_smile: I will look further into that!

However, I performed a manual sync, and set the threshold to 100%, and it synced 3 target languages (Japanese, Spanish, and Turkish).

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with right now?

Transifex Support