Github integration and pull-request filenames


I’m experimenting with the automatic GitHub integration with my open-source project.

The pull requests automatically generated want to add very odd translation filenames i.e. “budgie-extras.t”

I want the translated file to be the same as currently created by my txclient config i.e. “language.po” as per

My yaml is:

- filter_type: dir
  file_format: PO
  source_file_extension: pot
  source_language: en
  source_file_dir: po
  translation_files_expression: 'po/<lang>'

I tried changing the translation_files_expression: 'po/<lang>' to translation_files_expression: 'po/<lang>.po' but transifex appeared to create a new branch but no subsequent file & pull request was created

My working txclient config is:

host =

file_filter = po/<lang>.po
minimum_perc = 50
source_file = po/budgie-extras.pot
source_lang = en_US
type = PO

Any ideas?

Hi @fossfreedom,

Could you please try the following configuration instead and let me know if this works for you?

- filter_type: file
  file_format: PO
  source_language: en
  source_file: po/budgie-extras.pot
  translation_files_expression: 'po/<lang>.po'

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I’ve made the changes. I need to trigger a pull request somehow. I thought just editing an existing 100 % translation string would work but I’m not seeing anything coming through.

Is there a way to “poke” transifex to initiate a pull request with the changes?

I can confirm that the updated script works for newly 100% files. Yay!

However - as above - any amendments to existing translations don’t seem to initiate a pull request.

Hi @fossfreedom,

Thank you for getting back to me on this and confirming that this works now :slight_smile:

As far as your question, please note that webhooks are not being triggered when an already 100% translated target language is edited/updated.

Currently, if a user edits an existing translation and saves his/her changes then the Webhook is not being triggered again.

So, in order the webhook to be triggered, he/she needs to remove the existing translation, save the string as untranslated and then submit the updated version of the translation.

Even if we do not currently support such a webhook, I will forward your feedback to the rest of the team in order to take it into further consideration for future improvements.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

ah - ok. thanks.

For the moment I will have to capture those 100% changes via a regular manual txclient pull.

Allowing a percentage translation trigger is also essential - especially for large projects that rarely get to 100%

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