GitHub: PO files not imported and manual import silently failing !?


Trying to setup LinuxCNC localization | Transifex, I wonder why only my POT file is imported and not the PO ones ?

Synced files are here linuxcnc/docs/po at transifex-test · silopolis/linuxcnc · GitHub
Transifex integration config is here linuxcnc/transifex.yml at transifex-test · silopolis/linuxcnc · GitHub

Is this expected behavior or some rookiness at work ?

In a break everything early spirit, I tried to import/upload a PO file (fr.po) manually, but this doesn’t seem to work neither: the ‘Uploading “fr.po”’ dialog keeps turning until it disappears as soon as I click outside of it in the page.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hello ,
Thank you for contacting Transifex. I am looking into your project. It seems that the config file is ok . No issues there.

I also tried to upload the translations manually on a test project. A specific number of strings are uploaded though for every language a tried . Different number of strings on every language.

It seems that at some point something is corrupting the upload procedure. Let me look into this more and i will update you soon.
Kind regards

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for taking care so quickly!
Nice to know the config is good, to start with.

FWIW, files are generated from AsciiDoc documents using po4a.
I was in favor of a one catalog per file pattern, but lost this battle :confused:

Let me know if I can be of any help…

Thanks again

After further investigation it seems that the parser in Transifex does not upload the translations that have the #, fuzzy as a comment on the po translation files. We have notified also our developers on this . Please note that translations via Github will only sync on the first synchronization.

Now you will need to upload them . If you remove or change the #, fuzzy translations will appear. But please allow us a little more time to see if there is another way around this .

I will get back to you tomorrow.
Kind regards

Good morning ,
So this is an expected behavior.
You will need to remove this comment from your translations or replace it with the no-wrap value and the translations will be uploaded with no issue. At this point you will need to do it manually.
Then they will sync with github.

Let me know if we can do anything else.
Kind regards

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hey sorry @chrisb, had burried this one deep :confused:
Thank you for your answer.