How to leave a organization in transifex

How to leave an organization?

Hello @Messias_Junior ,

Thank you for reaching out to Transifex support.
Regarding your question here, I would like to inform you that in order to leave an organization you need to be removed from a maintainer or coordinator, etc.

If you are the last user that left, then you need to find a replacement for yourself in order to keep the organization. Otherwise, you could request to delete your account.

But there is a problem. People add me to a project that I don’t know. I can’t see the other members to ask them to remove me and I down want to delete my account because I have other projects.

Must there is an easy way to leave a project that I didn’t know that exists

Hello @Messias_Junior ,

Would you like to share with me, your username in Transifex, and the Project that added to your account?

Looking forward to your response.

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Username: messiaslima.03

Undesired organizations:

I know. A lot of organizations. Most of them seems to be test projects

Hello @Messias_Junior

Regarding your case, I would suggest you follow the instructions from our documentation about How to leave a project

I checked your account and I found that you are a member of the following teams.

Organization Name: Sssggg Team: Life team URL:
Organization Name: Pedrococox Team: qwass team URL:
Organization Name: Omesh88 Team: Omesh88 team URL:
Organization Name: Litecoin Foundation Team: Litewallet-iOS team URL:
Organization Name: fullz seller Team: fullz team URL:
Organization Name: App Outlet Team: App Outlet team URL:
Organization Name: a4meet Team: a4meet team URL:

I hope that helps you.
Kind regards,

Thank you a lot. I solved my problem