Swiching between organizations: Own and participating

I am sorry to be a beginner - not that I am a Transifex beginner, but I was away for long enough for the system to change a lot.
Anyway: I registered my user because the old account is no longer available. While creating my new user I had to create an organization, which I do not understand, but so be it.
I am using Github to log in.
I joined ReText localization | Transifex, and that seemed to work without a hitch. I updated a translation.
Now I am looking at joining FocusWriter localization | Transifex - but when I log in, I am forwarded to ReText, and I can not seem to join Gottcode and Focuswriter.
I can switch between my own organization and mitya57, which is what provides ReText.
Any pointers?
I am not s

Hello! Were you invited to Gottcode/ Focuswriter projects, or did you send a request to join using this process?

- Sandy

I believe the latter is what I did.

Good morning,

Allow me to assist a bit , as Sandy is OOO. Please check on the bottom left of your dashboard, to see if the new organization is in the list of orgs you belong to. If the only org is ReText then you have not been accepted yet to the new one.


Let us know if we can do anything else for you.

I assume that is it. Thank you.