iOS Swift Package support

is it possible to use transifex iOS SDK in a Swift Package?
My iOS project is composed by many generic modules (swift packages), each of this has it’s own “Localizable.strings” file.

For example in a scenario with an iOS project with 3 modules I want to create 4 different transifex projects: 1 for the main project, and 1 for each module.

Is it possible?

Hello ,
Thank you for contacting Transifex.
Our engineers are looking into this. Please allow us sometime and we will get back to you.

Kind regards

Dear Luca ,

I have an update for you.
Our developers have issued an update to the iOS sdk. Current version 1.0.2.
Now you can use the sdk in different Swift Package modules inside your app with the TXNative.activate(bundle:) method.
Please see here the relative documentation.

As the documentation states, this method must be called after the SDK has been initialized in the main application.

Let us know if you need any extra help or if you have any feedback.
Kind regards

Thanks, sounds nice, but I don’t understand how can I setup different TXNative instances, one for each module, because my modules are generic and should be related to separated Transifex projects so I can reuse it.