Is there a way to assign translators/teams to a group of strings/tasks?

A Transifex Native project has the same relation with a team as a file-based project. This means that you can have one team assigned to a project. To assign translators of a team to a group of strings it is recommended to use tags added either by a developer or by a manager directly from the Transifex web editor.

Here is a suggested workflow:

  1. Identify strings you want to group in a Transifex Native resource in the editor. To make sure that the group of content is relate-able and you can get context between phrases, it is suggested to use tags, either by:

    • Having the developer using the tag and context fields available on the code while working on a feature. Code example in a Django HTML template: {% t "Contact us" _context="Support page CTA" _tags="important,footer" %}

    • Manually adding tags in the editor after filtering the strings you want to group. To do that you will need to mass select the strings you want to add tags to and apply the tag via the mass actions interface.

  2. With your group of strings filtered in the editor, you can copy the URL and share it with the translator you want to assign the group to.

  3. You can follow the localization progress of the group of strings by visiting the filtered editor URL and checking the “Untranslated”, “Unreviewed” filters over the string list area.