Portuguese Translation of Transifex

Recently, probably at the beginning of this week, the Portuguese translation of the Transifex Website became available only in Brazilian Portuguese. As a Portuguese translator, I would like to express my discontent at the fact that the Portuguese translation is no longer available. I would like to know why this change has taken place. Portuguese translation was fine…
Portuguese has differences from Brazilian Portuguese
There are pt and pt_PT lang codes for Portuguese or Portuguese (Portugal) and pt_BR lang code for Brazilian Portuguese !!

Hello hugok79.

Thank you for your message and feedback. We always welcome any feedback that will help us improve the product.

Right now, pt is at 47% completed/ translated, and pt_BR is at 100 %. As a rule of thumb, we would like to have a 70% completion percentage for a published locale. Once PT reaches this level again, we will, of course, make it available.

We welcome anyone who would like to participate in the open project of translating the platform to apply using the link below.

We are always at your disposal.
Kind regards

Ok, Thanks Christos for the quick reply. So I understand the situation. In the meantime, I’ve already applied to join the Transifex App localization | Transifex Portuguese translation team.