Real user names used for the git commits

Since we use real names for the commits and the Tx api still outputs only the Tx-username I still use a small data base to string replace the Tx-username with a git friendly real name format. That cost a lot of time. But the po header is now filled (since the update) with a real name of the translator, why this data isn’t available over the api? Every user on Tx should have a possibility to enter this data credits in the profile and choose if he want to make it public or not. Maybe an information in the profile settings would be necessary to inform about that. Committing all updates as a bot its also not the best option for us that’s why we don’t using the automatic git commit from Tx but a self written script that grabs the files with needed info over the api.

So, is there a possibility to get this credits info (name+email) that is also used for the po header? Parsing all po files for the names will break the script and is not a good solution for it (too many files). Getting the modification date and the complete status over the api works to create messages for the git commits.

Thanks for a solution.