Setting up Project Credentials

When setting up a project in Transifex, the user who generates the tokens / secrets is attributed as the person who created strings (shown in the history for a string) when these credentials are used to push content.

But what happens if that user is then deleted?

Hello @aarr0n! This is Antonis from the Transifex Customer Success team. I hope you are well :smile:

To answer your question, if a user gets deleted or moved to a role that doesn’t have enough privileges to do specific actions or install integrations such as GitHub, anything associated with their API or OAuth tokens may stop working.

To avoid this, we recommend creating an administrator account that will be used for such purposes but won’t be associated with any specific user. This way, you won’t have to worry about a user leaving your org or changing their roles.

I hope this helps, and if you have any follow-up questions, I will happily answer them!

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Thanks for the reply.

What we’re experiencing is that even though the user is deleted, the credentials they created when setting up the project still work and they are attributed as the person who created strings.

Is this expected?


Hello @aarr0n,

Can you share in a PM or email us at the specific details of that user, project, and integration in question so we can look into it?