[Solved] String Array not showing up (GitHub integration)


I want to translate a string-array

It should be possible:

This is the last sync:
The last version of the credits file before the last sync.

This is part of the config:

  - filter_type: file
    file_format: ANDROID
    source_language: en-US
    source_file: src/main/res/values/credits.xml
    translation_files_expression: 'src/main/res/values-<lang>/credits.xml'

I wonder what to do about it. I wanted to let you know here, so you can get insight in what I face and we can join forces.

For clarity, this is the entry (source) which shows 0 strings / 0 words

I do not know why but now, it shows up.

This issue can be closed from my side. If you like to pursue it, you can.