Transifex Translation Sync Issue: Changes Not Reflecting on Live Website

I’m encountering difficulties with the synchronization of translations from Transifex to my live website, and I’m seeking assistance to resolve it.

Background: Our team utilizes Transifex as a translation management platform to localize our website content into multiple languages. We rely on the integration between Transifex and our website’s CMS to pull translated content from Transifex and display it on our live website. However, we’re facing challenges with ensuring that the latest translations are reflected accurately on the live site.

Issue: The main problem arises when we make updates or additions to translations in Transifex, expecting them to be automatically synced and displayed on our live website. However, despite confirming successful synchronization processes in Transifex, the changes are not reflected on the live site. This discrepancy leads to inconsistencies between translated content on Transifex and what’s displayed to our website visitors.

Troubleshooting: Here are the steps we’ve taken to troubleshoot the issue so far:

  1. Verified that the integration between Transifex and our website’s CMS (e.g., WordPress, Drupal) is correctly configured and active.
  2. Checked the synchronization logs and activity history in Transifex to confirm that synchronization processes are completing without errors.
  3. Reviewed the configuration settings for language mappings and content filters to ensure that all translated content is being synced to the appropriate locations on the live website.
  4. Tested manual synchronization methods or forced updates in Transifex to see if they trigger the display of updated translations on the live site.

Observations: Despite these efforts, we’re still experiencing issues with ensuring that translations from Transifex are accurately reflected on our live website. This inconsistency impacts the user experience for our international audience and undermines the effectiveness of our localization efforts.

Request for Assistance: If anyone has encountered similar issues with translation synchronization between Transifex and a live website or has suggestions for troubleshooting steps or solutions, we would greatly appreciate your insights. Ensuring seamless translation synchronization is crucial for maintaining the integrity and accessibility of our website across different languages, and we’re eager to find a resolution to this problem.

Thank you for your assistance and expertise!

Hello Joeroot,

After updating your translations, are you publishing them? Publishing Translations | Transifex Help Center

Please send an email to with your project details for us to review. Thank you in advance for considering my request.

- Sandy

Thank you for your prompt response. Yes, we have been publishing the translations after making updates in Transifex. We’ve followed the steps outlined in the Transifex Help Center to ensure that our translations are properly published.

I will gather the necessary project details and send an email to as requested. We appreciate your assistance in reviewing our project and helping us resolve this synchronization issue. :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: