Translating large paragraphs of text


I’m curious about best practice around translating large paragraphs of text that will be mostly static but change sporadically (like an FAQ or an about page).

Right now our code use react-i18n and is stored in a json file, which we push to transifex. However, we have some large paragraph pages that are stored in markdown, and from a developer perspective these make more sense to me to be continued stored in markdown, but I’m wondering what best practice is here.

I was wondering if the transifex cli tool could be used to upload the markdown, the docs seem to imply this should be possible but I don’t think the cli actually handles it.

Curious what you all think!


If you are currently using a Native project for your JSON strings, you will need to create a file-based project to upload markdown files.

However, if you are using a file-based project, you can create new resources for markdown files within the same project. We support this format and you can easily upload markdown files using the Go CLI or the API.