Unable to import existing translations

I’m trying to set up a GitHub Integration. My yaml file is here: org.hl7.fhir.core/transifex.yml at master · hapifhir/org.hl7.fhir.core · GitHub, and my source is here: org.hl7.fhir.core/org.hl7.fhir.utilities/src/main/resources/source at master · hapifhir/org.hl7.fhir.core · GitHub

The files are being found, but when importing them, I get an error:

a non-empty msgstr was found on the entry with msgid ....

The topic at Existing translations not fetched with github integration suggests that this is a pot/po thing, but I don’t understand or see from the doco how to say that it has existing translations? Or I don’t understand something?

Hello dear grahamegrieve,

So this would be an error that Gettext/ PO parser throws when it finds an issue with a string entry. For better reference and more details please see here.

In any case you have more questions feel free to contact us again.


I’m trying to understand that. That table… which mode is the GitHub integration running in?

But I think it means that problem is with a particular entry, not just that something already contains a translation. but the only thing that could possibly be an issue here is that there’s some actual pre-existing translation.

Here’s the line, in the middle of this:

msgid "This value set is a component of the base value set"
msgstr ""

msgid "Additional Document Content"
msgstr "Contenido adicional del documento"

msgid "ETag = {0}"
msgstr "ETag = {0}"

The exact error is : 'a non-empty msgstr was found on the entry with msgid ‘Additional Document Content’. Remove and try again

Not really sure what is happening, with the extract you shared.

But, please feel free to forward the question and the source file that throws the error to our support mail as we will need to further investigate.

Our team will pick it up from there.



forward the question and the source file that throws the error to our support mail

ok done thanks

It looks like you’re encountering an issue with your GitHub integration and the handling of existing translations. The error message you’re seeing, “a non-empty msgstr was found on the entry with msgid suggests there might be a problem with how the translation files are being imported.

This issue often relates to the difference between POT (Portable Object Template) files and PO (Portable Object) files. Here’s a brief explanation and a possible solution:

1.POT vs. PO
POT files: These are template files that contain the original strings (msgid) but do not include translations (msgstr).
PO files These include both the original strings and their corresponding translations.
Ensure you are correctly specifying the type of files you are using in your transifex.yml configuration. If you have existing translations, make sure that the integration is set up to handle PO files, not just POT files.

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