User's dashboard : List of translation rates for projects

There is no easy way to know the translation rate of the projects. Then the operation of finding the desired language is required again: Project dashboard prioritizes languages of interest (Transifex Community) If you participate in 15 projects, you will need to click 2-3 times the number of projects.

Accessing the Transifex App home opens individual projects. However, This top page should be the user’s dashboard.

The user’s dashboard will show a list of projects in participates. The following information is displayed. e.g.

  • Project name
  • Date of last addition of source text.
  • Total number of strings per language

The following information would be even more useful

  • Number of translations done (Browser Language / Language of Interest in Settings)
  • Number of untranslated strings (Browser Language / Language of Interest in Settings)

Hello @maboroshin :wave:

I am Antonis from the Transifex Customer Success team.

​We appreciate your input for data presentation on our dashboard and reducing the number of clicks in your workflow.

I will forward your suggestions to our Product team for consideration. Implementing new features or applying any changes might take some time, but we’ll let you know once any of your suggestions are implemented.​

Please feel free to contact us with any further feedback or questions!

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