Project dashboard prioritizes languages of interest

Difficult to know the translation rate of the language of interest. List of languages in the project dashboard, in order of most completed. It can be difficult to find own language. I can set language of interest in the settings. Display it at the top.

Hello Maboroshin!

Thank you for your input on this blog. To understand your request better, I’ll ask the following: Do you want a new feature to alter the order in the languages presented in this section depending on the interest of the user who watches this information? Thank you in advance for your answer.

- Sandy

Yes. When trying to browse through many projects, a large number of unnecessary clicks are occurring.

  1. Probably, Transifex already gets my browser language. So displays the UI in my language withowt login on the login screen.
  2. In addition, languages of interest can be set within the settings :

The following pages should display the obtained preferred language first.


Thank you for confirming your request; I’ll create a product improvement suggestion to prioritize the languages you marked as your interest in project stats.

  1. Yes, The platform takes the language it gets from your browser; if you change it and it keeps going back to the old language, I recommend you clean your cache.
  2. I’ll also add an improvement request to have the whole platform display the preferred language of this list.

If these requests are created in future releases, I’ll let you know as soon as they are ready for you to use.

Best regards,

- Sandy

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