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What would you say would bring the most value to your organizations in Transifex:

:camera: In-context feature for File-Based projects.
:face_with_monocle: Global Search - looking for strings all over the organization.
:floppy_disk: Centralized Translation Memory Page

You can add the relevant icon and comment on what you expect from this feature :slight_smile:


For the project “Nextcloud” (10k strings) I would love to see a global search.

Workaround since some years:

  1. Select open issues
  2. Adapt search pattern
  3. Get the result

Click on global issues


:face_with_monocle: Global Search on a ‘per language’ level helps to avoid inconsistencies and also would allow for an easier search/replace of words/phrases across multiple resources.


Hi @migo, thanks for your feedback. This is on our roadmap for this year!