Replace identical translations words at once

I have multiple identical source words in my resources in Transifex. So, when I change the translation for one of them I have to do the same for each of the others. Any tips/suggestions?

You can follow the steps below:

Display all the resources of a single project in the editor in order to find the translations that should be fixed/replaced :. In order to do that:

#1 : Go the Overview page of the project you are interested in
#2 : Click “Translate”. You will be redirected to the web editor
#3 : After specifying the target language, select to display the strings of all the resources in the editor as follows:


#4 : Once the web editor loads, you can use the available filters in order to search for the strings you are interested in (e.g. TEXT, TRANSLATION TEXT) [filters.png]:


After that, select all the results and use the Find & Replace feature so as to replace the translation words with the desired text.

In case you want to find such source words in other projects, then you can use the concordance search functionality and TM groups

For projects that share the same translation memory, you can use the concordance search functionality in the editor page in order to find out where the translation text you are looking for is currently stored (a link will be available so as to easily find these entries in your organization). Then, since you know where you can find the specific word/phrase, you need to manually proceed with the replacement.