Wrong source language

My project’s source language is not the correct one. Is there any way to change this?

The source language is information that is used in many different places across the platform (Translation Memory, Glossary, Translation History etc…) which means that all these data are associated with this specific language. Since this is not technically feasible, that’s why there is not such an option in Transifex web interface. So, if you’ve selected a wrong source language for your project, then you need to create a new one and define the desired source language while completing project’s creation form.

You can follow the workflow below so as to achieve what you want:

#1 : Download both source and translation files from the existing project.
You can easily do that via our Transifex Go Client.

#2 : Create a new project defining the desired language as your project’s source language

#3a : Upload all the exported files under the new project - you can use Transifex Client again in order to upload all the files at once.


#3b .
– Download the TMX file from the old project, edit it and replace the existing language code with the one you want to use.
– Go to the new project’s settings page and upload the updated version of the TMX file.
– Enable the “Translation Memory Fill-up” option that is available on the workflow page of the new project
– Upload all the source files under the new project - TM will detect all the 100% similarity matches and automatically populate the translations to the untranslated entries.