How to keep existing translations when source string is moved to another file?

Due to minor refactoring of a C++ project I’m about to move a source string to another file. The strings itself remains unchanged.
IIUC the translations are kept as long as the ‘source context’ is unchanged (i.e. same source file/class), which is unfortunately not the case here.

How can I adopt/migrate all existing translations of the original string?

I read Edit Source Strings Online | Transifex Help Center but that’s not suitable.
Is there a similiar tool available for my case?

Hello Ronso!

Can I ask what type of project are you using? Is it a Native project, a file based-project or a Live project?

It’s a file-based project, Mixxx GitHub - mixxxdj/mixxx: Mixxx is Free DJ software that gives you everything you need to perform live mixes.

Hello Ronso,

Thank you for sharing this information; in that case, if the source is going to be the same but it will be placed in another resource in our platform, you can use one of the following options to migrate your translations:

  1. If you’re creating a new source file within the same project, you can enable the translation memory fill-up feature. This will automatically fill the translations of the source strings with any existing translations stored in the translation memory.
  2. You can download a zip file of the translations for the current resource, and then upload them to the new source file once you have it on our platform.

Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns; I’ll be glad to assist you. :slight_smile:

- Sandy