Wrong use of plural forms

Hi, I know Transifex uses CLDR rules for plural forms, but this is IMHO wrong. Plural rules should be format dependent. Both gettext and QT use their own and often CLDR incompatible rules for some languages (Czech in my case). It isn’t as bad for gettext, since the plural rule specifier can be changed in the file header, but for QTLinguist files, the plural rule is hardcoded and the extraneous plurals are truncated at save/compile time.

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Thank you for contacting us. May i ask what is the exact issue you are facing? Maybe we can find a workaround.

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For Czech language, CLDR does have 4 plural forms, while both gettext and QT only use 3 (one, few, other), omitting the fractional number case (many) in the CLDR rules table. For gettext, this is optional and the CLDR rules can be used as long as the PO header is modified to use the correct plural specifier. But for QT, the rules are hard-coded in the QT tools used to handle TS files and the resulting locale files are not correct.

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Thank you for your answer. We are always happy to hear from our clients comments and possible issues they see so that we may update and upgrade our product and support.

We have seen these issues with QT languages. We are in the process of issuing new languages that address these and support qt file types .

Right now we have published

  • Italian (QT FILETYPE) (it@qtfiletype)
    - Portuguese (QT FILETYPE) (pt@qtfiletype)
    - Spanish (QT FILETYPE) (es@qtfiletype)
    - French (QT FILETYPE) (fr@qtfiletype)

We are in the process of supporting Czech too.

I will let you know when the language will be supported.

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Thank you for the update regarding the new languages supporting QT file types.

Just fyi - just noticed in the gettex documentation, that it only passes down integers for its plural string evaluation, so even with the PO header value modified according to CLDR, the variant for floating point/fractional numbers is never used and is useless.

Any ETA when this is going to be fixed?

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Let me chime in here since Chris is OOO, It seems that Czech (QT FILETYPE) is now LIVE, so could you please try again an let me know how it goes?

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