Add new characters in the section "Add special characters"

Would it be possible to add new characters in the section “Add special characters”?

  • For example: ù, Ù. ñ, Ñ.
    Thanks a lot

Hi @Iriep,
Thanks for submitting here your request!
Our product team will keep it in mind for future improvements.

In the meanwhile, let us know if you have any trouble using the keyboard shortcuts to add those special characters on translations :wink:

You can also refer tothis post on solving issues related to keyboard conflicts.


How about allowing per-locale or per-user characters?

For example, ⁊ would be very useful to me because it can’t be typed on most keyboards, but it’s only of interest to people translating to Goidelic languages and would clutter everybody else’s UI.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. What you mentioned totally makes sense.

We have already forwarded your request to the rest of the team in order to check how this can be addressed on our end.