Improved Handling of Special Characters in Android Parser - Enhancing Translation Experience

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

Exciting news! :rocket: We’ve just rolled out an update for our Android parser, addressing a common concern that our users have brought to our attention.

What’s New?

In response to user feedback, we’ve enhanced the parser to handle special characters such as

& < > ' \n \t @ ? “

in a more intuitive way. Now, when working in the rich editor, these characters are seamlessly represented, maintaining their rich formatting.

Why the Change?

We understand that the previous behavior, where escaped characters were exposed in the translatable text, led to confusion during the translation process. Our goal is to create a smoother experience for our translators community, and this update is a significant step toward achieving that.

How Does It Benefit You?

With this improvement, translating content becomes more straightforward and user-friendly. The enhanced parser ensures that special characters are intelligently represented in the rich editor while maintaining their rich formatting, resulting in a smoother and more user-friendly translation experience.

We appreciate your valuable feedback, which drives these enhancements and makes our platform even better. Your experience matters, and we’re committed to continuously refining our tools for optimal usability.