Adding count to translators/reviewers in filter

Hey, In many projects there are translators who haven’t contributed nothing to the project yet they are part of the team so in that case when I want to filter string by translator/reviewer I often get empty results.

Mu suggestion is divided in 3:

  1. Add a counter indicating in how many strings this translator was involved in the first place (or just count the final translations).
  2. Sort by number of translations/reviews.
  3. Remove the translators who didn’t translate to the end of the list or hide/gray them out.

Thanks :slight_smile:


the main problem is that :"Is the person who is elected in a"democratic way"has the needed qualification to do this?What is his main opinion in contribution(e.g. to do something to increase his ranking instead of increasing quality of translation as reviewer or… )
my personal experience shows this passage is wrong.

It’s not a score, it’s number of strings the translator/reviewer was involved in.

Hello I would like to translate on this website. Where is it?