Announcement notifications

Sometimes I receive an e-mail about an announcement that was published in a project I’m contributing to.
The message contains a large “Reply” button.
Although it does make a certain sense it’s usually useless, in most cases the announcement contains the date for translation due, usually I just need to hop right into translation mode and translate before this date, replying to this message is usually the last thing I want to do with it.

Dear Yaron,

As always, thank you for your feedback. It means a lot in our efforts to always better our product and the experience our users have.

I will forward the comments to our product team for consideration.
We are always at your disposal.

Kind regards

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For project announcements it is quite useful to have a reply button.
It would be even better to receive notification as soon as someone replies to an announcement.

Hello @rakekniven,

Thank you for your feedback! I will pass it on to our product team for consideration.

Kind regards,