Different variant of Cantonese support

Hi, I was trying to translate a project to Cantonese(Simplified, PRC) when I found that on transifex you only have one unified language code (yue) for Cantonese, instead of region-based code like “yue_CN” and “yue_HK”, as different region of Cantonese users use it in different ways, changing “yue” to “yue_CN” and “yue_HK” will be much better for translators.


Thank you for reaching out to Transifex support.

We will need you to provide us with information about the plural rules that these locales follow. It must adhere to this formula:

name: Portuguese (Brazillian)
code: pt_BR
code_aliases: pt-br pt-BR
nplurals: 2
pluralequation: (n > 1)
rule_zero: -
rule_one: “n is one”
rule_two: -
rule_few: -
rule_many: -
rule_other: -

More information about how to find information for filling this out can be found here.

Please provide a copy of this template for both yue_HK and yue_CN. Any material you can include to confirm the rules would be appreciated as well :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

Kinds regards,