Adding Cantonese(China)

I am opening this topic to request adding Cantonese(China) support

  "rule_few": null,
  "code_aliases": " yue-cn yue-CN yue-Hans-CN yue-hans-CN yue-hans-cn ",
  "code": "yue_CN",
  "name": "Cantonese (China)",
  "description": "",
  "pluralequation": "0",
  "rule_zero": null,
  "rule_two": null,
  "rule_one": null,
  "rule_other": "everything",
  "specialchars": "\u2190\u2192\u2194\u00d7\u00f7\u00a9\u2026\u2014\u2018\u2019\u201c\u201d\u300c\u300d\u300e\u300f\u3010\u3011\u300a\u300b",
  "rule_many": null,
  "nplurals": 1


Thank you for your response. I will forward your request to the appropriate department, and
once I have an update I will let you know.

Kind regards,

Hello ,
I am happy to update you that the language Cantonese(China) has been added.
We remain at your disposal.
Kind regards