Disallow reviewers to set self-translated strings as reviewed

is it possible to disallow reviewers to set self-translated strings as reviewed?

Actually reviewers can translate strings and set review flag directly themselves.
I want to disable this to get a review workflow like at GitHub. The person who did the code change (PR) is not able to merge it themselve.

How to achieve this at Transifex?

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Hello @rakekniven ,

Thank you for reaching out to our community.

Regarding your question, we have an extra step called “proofread” other than the review. You can find more information about this step under the following 2 links

If a user has only a reviewer role in the team, this user is not allowed to review and proofread the same string after marking a translation as reviewed

I hope to cover your question.

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Hello @Panagiotis_Kavrakis ,

thank you for your quick answer.

The Community of Nextcloud Project is not so big to have a third stage (translator, reviewer, proofreader).
Most language teams lack of volunteers for reviewing already, so there is no room for another role.

We have to look for another solution (maybe written rules instead of tooling).


Hello @rakekniven ,

Let me chime in here since Panagiotis is out of the office.
As I understand, You currently have collaborators with the “Reviewers” role basing on your initial query. Now, you are trying to remove the “Review” right from this role, correct?, If this is the case why don’t you assign the “Translator” role?, This way the collaborators will be only allow to translate and not review perhaps Im missing something.

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Hello @Cesar_Garcia ,

No, not in general.

Are you familiar with the review-stage of software developers?

I am doing a code change and independent from my role I am unable to merge my change. There must be someone else to review my changes.

Now back to Transifex.
A translator is doing the translation of a string.
Now the reviewer is reviewing the string and do some modifications to it (minor or big edit). Now the reviewer is able to set the string as reviewed but maybe the modification is not ok.
I want to prevent this. If the reviewer is marking a string as reviewed without modifying it is fine, but as soon as he modifies a string the string should remain as unreviewed and another reviewer must review it.

Hope to clarify my target.

Your idea would lead to a new problem:
reviewers would stop translating and wait for someone else to do it. Then they still have the power to edit and mark review. No one would want to translate knowing that someone else will get to edit your work without your say in it.

And the way Transifex people describes proofreading as ‘a second review’ makes no sense. Proofreading is part of testing the app, seeing the strings in their context, while reviewing could be simply looking at individual strings and checking their grammar.

I would advise Transifex to limit the proofreading power to the language coordinator role so that localization managers can choose one trusted person to give a final proofread on every string, but also allow that person to still mark their own strings as reviewed and proofread. A model whee you trust one person to guarantee quality for that language.

Hello to both of you, @rakekniven and @Meteor0id,

I would like to thank you for your suggestions and your valuable feedback.
Moreover, based on the discussion, I passed your needs to our product team for further evaluation.

Please let me know if you want to add any further information regarding improving the review process.

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