Translator and Reviewer role workflow

We’ve completely integrated Transifex into our continuous build pipeline (yay!).
Something that may be unique to us is that it is our international business partners who do the translations for our product. They are professional, motivated, and thorough and there really isn’t the need for independent review of their work.
I haven’t (yet) found a way to give a particular partner collaborator both translate and review roles to allow them to do both. Have I missed something in the interface or documentation or am I trying to accomplish something that just isn’t possible?

Thanks in advance,

Cam Barnard
Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.
Victoria, BC Canada

Hi Cam,
Thanks for joining the community and for submitting your question!
It is great to hear that you built your continuous localization workflow successfully.
Regarding roles in Transifex, a “Reviewer” has permissions to both submit translations and review them. So in that case, you can provide them with the “reviewer” permission.
You can find a summary on Transifex roleshere.

Also, organizations that have only 1 translator per language, and don’t work with the review step, they will just not use the “Review” button, and will pull back translations independent on it.

We appreciate your feedback, and I will check with the team how we can improve it and make it more apparent in the platform.

Let us know if you have other questions :slight_smile:

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Super helpful, thank you.