🔍 Enhanced Tag Filtering in the Editor: More Precision in Your Search!

We’re excited to introduce an improved feature that gives you even greater control when searching for tagged strings within the Transifex editor. With this enhancement, you can now apply AND and OR operators to your tag filters, making your search results more precise and tailored to your needs.

Here’s how it works:

When searching for strings associated with one or multiple tags, you can specify your search logic using AND or OR operators.


  • Selecting “AND” means that all the selected tags must exist in a string for it to appear in the search results.
  • Choosing “OR” means that any of the selected tags can exist in a string for it to be included in the results.

Similarly, when searching for strings without specific tags assigned, you can also decide whether to use AND or OR logic for your results.

For those who require a more advanced search approach, you can manually edit the filter within the search box, combining AND and OR conditions. The query is evaluated from left to right, following operator precedence and respecting parentheses. Please note that the AND operator (&) takes precedence over the OR operator (|).

Read more in our Help Center here.

Happy tagging and searching! :label::mag_right: