Sort strings A-Z, by source length, by repetitions

It would be very useful if there were more sorting options for strings in the editor like in traditional CAT tools. The basics would be A-Z source, A-Z target, source text length, target text length, repetitions. Currently the sorting options aren’t useful to translators at all.

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This is Sandy from the Customer success team.

Thank you for your improvement suggestion. I’ve added a feature request to our product backlog to create a filter to sort the source/target strings in the editor alphabetically or by your other suggestions. I’ll let you know as soon as this feature is ready for you to use.

Thank you for choosing transifex and for sharing this feedback with us.

- Sandy De la Rosa

Hello Sguyennet!

Great news! We have made updates to our editor’s sorting options. You can now sort strings by their source/target text word count. To learn more about these new sorting options, feel free to look at this article. We’re currently working on further improving the available sorting options in our editor, including the ones you suggested. You can expect to see them soon!

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Hi Sandy,

Awesome, that’s going to prove very useful :slight_smile:

Best regards,