Fallback to base locale instead of source language

Hi, Im pretty sure this question is probably already asked but I searched and couldnt find it.

Basically AFAIK, suppose ur source language is en and u have locales de, de-AT. The german locales fallback to the source language.

Is there a way to specifiy the fallback priority to be like de-AT fallback to de and then en?

Currently we achieve this by downloading the translations and then merging them on our end.

Hi @blessanm86,

Thank you for your post.

I am not 100% sure I’ve completely understood your question, so could you please provide me with more details about what you would like to achieve?

If you would like to see de translations while translating content to de-AT, then this can easily be done by using the setting “Show source string in <target_locale>”. More information about this can be found in our documentation guide here.

Does the above answer your question? If not, then please let me know what I missed and I will be more than happy to provide further clarification :slight_smile:

Hi Nina,

I am referring to when u download the translations.
Like normally when you download de translations, you fallback the empty translations to the source language.

Does that explain the problem

ah, I see now. Thank you for clarifying that.

Unfortunately, filling the empty translations with another target language is not supported.

However, if you find this useful, you can get these strings empty instead via our API using the download mode “onlytranslated”. Please note that this is supported for specific file formats (the list can be found here)

Yes we already do that and do the merging on our end after we download all the locales. It would be a great feature to add on ur side

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