GitHub integration doesn't support branches "path" (i.e. branch/name)


Object pretty much says it all: after spending some time using Transifex as a translator, I want to configure a project with GitHub integration.

The issue I’m facing is that we tend to manage our branches in a ‘tree’, so I created an ‘i18n’ folder and a ‘transifex-test’ branch in it to learn how to configure the integration.

Sadly, when I type the ‘i18n/transifex-test’ path in the ‘branch’ field of the configuration wizard, this sends
an error back.

Hope this can be fixed as for big (monolithic) projects, branch tree is really nice to use.

Thanks for considering

Thank you for your message and comment.
I will forward your comments and take this into consideration.

We are always trying to better our product in any way we can.

If there are updates i will follow up here.

Kind regards