How can I merge glossaries in Transifex

I want to merge glossaries of multiple localization projects. How can I do that in Transifex?

Transifex allows you to assign multiple projects to the same glossary instance. More information about how this can be done can be found in our documentation guide here

In case you have multiple glossary instances in Transifex and you want to merge them all, then you need to follow the steps below:

#1: Go to your glossaries settings page
#2: Click on each glossary instance that you want to merge with the “master” glossary and download the corresponding glossary file
#3: In order to combine all the individual glossaries into your “master” glossary:

– Click on the gear icon that is available next to the “master” glossary
– Use the button “Source file for this glossary” in order to upload the updated version of your CSV file.

More descriptive information can be found in our documentation guide here.

Please note that every time you update an existing glossary, your glossary instance is being updated with the new content. While updating your glossary in Transifex, you have 2 options:
#1: Keep the existing glossary terms and add new ones
#2: Overwrite the existing glossary with an updated version.

If you do not want to overwrite the existing instance, you need to make sure that the option “OVERWRITE EXISTING ENTRIES” is disabled otherwise, the data of your glossary will be overwritten by the new content.