How can I see same lines in the editor?

It seems that the editor will show the same lines only once (on the very first appearance) in one file. But somehow I need these lines to be translated differently with respect to different contexts. I also notice that these lines will be translated synchronized. How can I see these same lines and translate them separately in the editor?

Hello @Ultimanecat! Thank you for your question!
Would you mind sharing some screenshots and specific examples so that we can better understand your question and provide further guidance? Feel free to send us an email to, if you’d prefer to have a private conversation with regards to your specific examples. Or share more details here, totally up to you.

For example, the resource might be like this:
And the editor looks like this:

where the line “same line” only appear once. However they can be under different context which requires different translation. It will be of great help if I have the choice of showing all these lines in the editor, while I cannot find any options or configs that is likely to do that.

Understood, thanks for additional information, @Ultimanecat!
To distinguish the strings, you would need to add context/ developer notes to the source file, so that Transifex treats them as separate entries. Otherwise, as you’ve mentioned, they’ll be merged.
Hope this helps but let us know if any further clarification is needed!

@Ultimanecat Make sure the string appears twice in the file (as Tatiana mentioned, with a comment related to the context), so users can translate it differently :slight_smile: